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User Based Support by NP

If you have ever reviewed IT service providers in the past, you may have found that most products boil down to a list of supported devices, and then another list of additional products that you need just as much as support but are charged extra for. This is ill suited to modern SME’s. Cloud technologies and the increasing versatility required from workers are two things that can lead to a bloated bill for your businesses IT.

To combat this and in order to diversify our offering, NP have developed User Based Support. UBS is designed to make IT easier to budget for, and is suited to office based, IT reliant companies.

Rather than charge per PC, per server, per software license etc… UBS ties as many services as possible into one monthly, per user price. All essential services, from industry leading anti-virus to Microsoft 365, are encompassed in our range of plans. Each plan can be mixed and matched to best suit individual staff members.

Support for network devices such as servers is not charged for. Each user should be able to access resources on your network so this is included within UBS.

Our engineers use a remote monitoring software to ensure we offer a truly proactive service. Every customer is asked for their feedback following a ticket resolution. Ninety eight of our last 100 feedback ratings were positive (see for yourself! –

This forward thinking approach and partnerships with industry leading technology companies has seen us named in the top 501 IT service providers in the world. We are confident that we can be the cure to your IT headaches.

For a no-obligation proposal for a UBS agreement, call 0151 908 0071 or feel free to drop me a message.