Windows 7 – End of Support

As of the 14th of January 2020, the Windows 7 operating system will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. This means that the operating system will no longer adapt to the latest threats and will become increasingly unsafe to use.

Most PC’s that run Windows 7 are over five years old, so it may be worth considering replacing such devices. For NP clients, there are a number of options available.

Device As A Service is a leasing option that can be applied to a wide range of device’s. The lease duration can be up to 36 months and payments can be monthly, quarterly or annually. 

There are two types of DAAS agreement:

Residual Value – at the end of the term,you have the option to return the device, or continue to lease with an updated model.

Finance – pay monthly and own the device outright at the end of the term.  

Alternatively, if a one off equipment purchase is better suited to your needs then our team will be delighted to advise.

NP only supply devices that have Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. Through use of our remote monitoring software, we are able to advise on suitable hardware specs for any supported user.

Should you have any questions about the above points, our consultants will be delighted to advise. You can contact us on 0151 257 7754 or via email (