Windows 7 – End of Support

As of the 14th of January 2020, the Windows 7 operating system will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. This means that the operating system will no longer adapt to the latest threats and will become increasingly unsafe to use.

Most PC’s that run Windows 7 are over five years old, so it may be worth considering replacing such devices. For NP clients, there are a number of options available.

Device As A Service is a leasing option that can be applied to a wide range of device’s. The lease duration can be up to 36 months and payments can be monthly, quarterly or annually. 

There are two types of DAAS agreement:

Residual Value – at the end of the term,you have the option to return the device, or continue to lease with an updated model.

Finance – pay monthly and own the device outright at the end of the term.  

Alternatively, if a one off equipment purchase is better suited to your needs then our team will be delighted to advise.

NP only supply devices that have Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. Through use of our remote monitoring software, we are able to advise on suitable hardware specs for any supported user.

Should you have any questions about the above points, our consultants will be delighted to advise. You can contact us on 0151 257 7754 or via email (


NP announces the appointment of Thomas Greaves as Commercial Director

NP today announces the appointment of Thomas Greaves as Commercial Director, following the retirement of co-founder Brian Cosgrove.  Tom has over 14 years of wide-ranging experience in the technology industry in the public and private sectors and has been with NP for 3 years, formerly as Sales and Consultancy Manager.  Tom has been instrumental in developing the products and services that NP offers its clients today, including the market leading user-based support product, UBS.   

“I am extremely thrilled to be taking on this role at NP.  We have a great team, innovative products &  services and an exciting future.  Dean and I have a clear vision for the business moving forwards and I am eager to get started.”  Thomas Greaves.

A key goal for Tom and NP, is to provide best in class IT services for small and medium businesses, to drive productivity, security and compliance.   IT is no longer just about providing break-fix reactive support for hardware and software, it is about delivering technology solutions that are aligned with business goals and contribute to the overall success of the client. 

NP maintains strong partner relationships with many industry giants including MicrosoftHPE and WatchGuard, to enable delivery of complete solutions that empower client organisations to work in a productivity focussed, secure and compliant technology environment.

About NP:

NP are a Technology Services and Solutions provider. Founded in 2004 to meet the increasing demand for cost effective IT and Telecoms support services within the SME sector.  NP offer a wide range of managed business technology services and solutions to single and multi-site businesses across the UK, covering a wide selection of market sectors.

UBS from NP is a market leading support product, putting users first. UBS offers a suite of services which deliver a secure and compliant, industry standard work environment for employees.  Supporting multiple devices per user, with the latest technologies from the Microsoft Cloud, business owners can rest assured that IT is taken care of with NP

Further Information:

For further information about NP, please visit our website; or contact:

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User Based Support by NP

If you have ever reviewed IT service providers in the past, you may have found that most products boil down to a list of supported devices, and then another list of additional products that you need just as much as support but are charged extra for. This is ill suited to modern SME’s. Cloud technologies and the increasing versatility required from workers are two things that can lead to a bloated bill for your businesses IT.

To combat this and in order to diversify our offering, NP have developed User Based Support. UBS is designed to make IT easier to budget for, and is suited to office based, IT reliant companies.

Rather than charge per PC, per server, per software license etc… UBS ties as many services as possible into one monthly, per user price. All essential services, from industry leading anti-virus to Microsoft 365, are encompassed in our range of plans. Each plan can be mixed and matched to best suit individual staff members.

Support for network devices such as servers is not charged for. Each user should be able to access resources on your network so this is included within UBS.

Our engineers use a remote monitoring software to ensure we offer a truly proactive service. Every customer is asked for their feedback following a ticket resolution. Ninety eight of our last 100 feedback ratings were positive (see for yourself! –

This forward thinking approach and partnerships with industry leading technology companies has seen us named in the top 501 IT service providers in the world. We are confident that we can be the cure to your IT headaches.

For a no-obligation proposal for a UBS agreement, call 0151 908 0071 or feel free to drop me a message.